Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Testimonies From Our 21 Day Fast

Hello, I wanted to share a few testimonies during my 21 day fast. These all happened in the Market Place. I work in the front office of a school and teachers come into the office to get Motrin often. One teacher came in with a bad headache. I questioned myself if I was to pray and allowed the teacher to walk away. At this point I turned back to my desk and instantly knew that the enemy was attacking her and was laughing at me, that I let her walk away. I then decided that when she came back to the front I would ask her.  I did ask and she did not understand. I asked again if I could pray for her headache. She said yes. I led her to an empty room (I have found that empty principals offices and bathrooms have become my prayer rooms!) and I said a short pray. After the prayer, she takes a step back with a look of surprise and shock on her face. She asks me if it was magic. She said the pain was leaving and draining from her. I then told her that God wanted to touch her today and that Jesus healed her. She was beside herself. She then told other teachers of the miracle, who then came into the office wanting prayer!

I prayed for two other teachers with back pain that God touched. Another co-worker allowed me to pray for her lock jaw. God relaxed the muscles in her jaw. One other testimony was a prayer I prayed with another co-worker who had for the past three nights been woken up in the middle of the night feeling as if a rope was tied around her stomach. I told her that this was a spiritual attack. I prayed with her and God delivered her. She slept fine from there. God is so amazing and faithful!!

-Theresa Christian

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Carla said...

Wow Theresa!!! You and Jesus ROCK!